Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Batter Up!!! Baseball Photo Booth Props...

If you like baseball you'll love these 2 Baseball Photo Booth Prop Kits. I couldn't decide on one color for a baseball kit... so I made 2 - one with red - & one with blue. They're great traditional baseball colors.

These kits can be used for a little league... high school... college... and of course adult baseball fanatics. It has a bit of nostalgia added into it... which makes them a unique baseball photo booth prop addition to any baseball party.

I've also add an EDITABLE Baseball Card Frame to each kit... so you're able to personalize the name, team/player position.  This frame can be printed actual size (8.5"x11").... or it can be enlarged at a copy center to any size you'd like - - it's the perfect addition, because who hasn't dreamed of having their very own baseball card. These kits really are great for any baseball lover or baseball party!

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