Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy Coffee Day!!!

When do you enjoy your coffee? In the morning... catching up with old friends... or like me any time is the right time for coffee!

My love affair with coffee started with dunkin' my donut in my dad's coffee as a child! But over the years coffee it has developed into a full blown love affair... I love it anyway I can get it... black... espresso... americano style... lattes... iced... cappuccinos... French press... cold brew... frappacinos... seriously... you name it, I love it!!!

So today... Coffee Day... definitely a day worth celebrating... savour & appreciate your beverage... inhale its aroma... taste the dark full-bodied flavor... and enjoy a cup or two!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Retro Record Player Box...

Retro Record Player Gift Card or Favor Box
After finding some old vinyls in the garage, my daughter had her heart set on a Record Player for her birthday. So, guess what she got??? A Record Player... from Urban Outfitters, and it's very cool!

She fall in love with it... and well, so did I! So every since her birthday, I've been fiddling with several attempts of a Record Player Box. And finally came up with this design... I'm really happy with it.

Retro Record Player Gift Card or Favor Box
I've made 2 different color kits.... a Peach & Turquoise... and... a Turquoise & Brown. Within each kit they contain 2 box designs... One box has a suitcase lid that flips open... and the other is an open face turntable and record. Plus each 'record label' has EDITABLE text, to personalize it to make it special.

Each box will hold small party treats & favors or you may use the removable gift card holder.

The printable for the Record Player Box is ready today! Are you excited??

Happy Friday... Happy Crafting!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Apples... Apples... Apples... & More Apples...

This is my favorite time of year.... for APPLES... and the best by far are Honeycrisp!!! It really is an apple worth talking about. They're green, yellow and pink skin yield a very sweet... slightly tart center for a perfect crunch! They're amazing to snack on! These beauties aren't around long... and they're not reasonably priced... but, they are the one thing I do spoil my family with... because they're worth every bite!
Mini Caramel Apples

 I made today's theme about apples, because there is so many different ideas you can do with an apple.... Take this first one... 

It's party treat perfection in one small bite... Caramel Apple Bites... using a melon baller, you make apple balls, add a stick, then cover them with caramel!!! Neat huh?

Apple Votive Candles
This next party decorating idea is something I do every year for my Thanksgiving Table... Apple Votive Candles... an easy thing to make and always look incredible on a table! This is one is worth trying... it's fantastic for any party or family get together!

One last thing... I don't often use Honeycrisp beauties for anything other than snacking on... but occasionally, I make chicken salad sandwiches with them... and this... Chicken Salad with Honeycrisp Apples & Candied Walnuts is... oh my... it's delish!!

Get Recipe Here... From The Cozy Apron
Did these wet your whistle for more ideas? Well, in this week's newsletter I shared several more APPLE gift and party ideas, and freebies. Sign up and check it out. 

That's it for today... now, color your day happy with an apple or two... enjoy!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Fox Printable Freebie...

Click to download Fox Printable
Around here... I'm getting the house ready for fall... I love this season... the changing leaves... sweaters... cooler weather... cozying up to the fire... I love fall!

I enjoy changing out all my seasonal home decor, and with this Fox Printable, I created, it's an easy addition to my home. All I had to do was switched out a frame for this Fox Printable. It's the perfect touch of fall... it makes me happy every time I walk into the room... and anything that does that, is a home run in my book. 

It's such a simple thing to do and if you already have a frame... it's basically free! If you'd like something new to hang on your wall for the fall season... go ahead and download this Fox Freebie...he's sure to make your day. 

Enjoy your day and wherever you are, I hope the sun is shining and leaves are falling!... Happy Fall!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fun Halloween Party Snacks...

Boo BerryCount ChoculaFranken Berry
As I was grocery shopping... I came across these Monster Cereals... Frankenberry, Count Chocula, and Boo Berry!  And thought... what a great little added treat for a halloween party... easy and fun!

This cereal reminds me how every fall my mom would surprise us kids with these cereals. She wouldn't buy them all year... but when fall came around... we had a treat! I thinks that's makes them special to me, that and the fact that we have granola the rest of the year... mmm... love fall!

So now my daughter is asking for them every time we go grocery shopping... I say 'No!'... then surprise her... because I have to keep the tradition a live... since it's fall!

Have a monster of a fall day!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Have suitcase... make something new...

While rearranging things around the house last weekend, I started moving around my vintage suitcase... and it got me thinking... seriously, what other uses are there besides my nightstand and a side table? So like any idea hunter would do... I went to Pinterest... and lo and behold I found a plethora of ideas. I found so many I couldn't decide which one I wanted to do first.

The idea of stacking them all the way to the ceiling was inspiring... love the idea of changing out the drawers in a dresser... and I know my hubby would love this suitcase roller bar... and how did I never think of using legs for this side table... and this super cool vanity cabinet, cute right?... the list goes on and on and on and on... as I fell in love over and over again with suitcases
and all their endless possibilities... ahhhh... suitcases.

But there is one I wanted to ask you about... although I love it... I wasn't quite sure I could bring myself to do... it's this one... wall shelves. It's a great look... and oh how I'd love to have a wall of suitcases. But honestly, the thought of destroying my vintage suitcases... honestly made me gasp.  OUCH, right? How could I possibly cut them up... make them into something beautiful, yes... but cut them up??? So do you think I'm crazy? Too attached to my suitcases? Should do some of the other ideas.... then work my way into the wall shelves??

Well that's it.... my bewildering thoughts about my suitcases...