Monday, November 2, 2015

Mr Birthday... Well, Hello!

Mr. Birthday! Well, Hello!
Mr. Birthday! Well, Hello!
You're back again this year.
I see you're here to reminisce
Of this last delightful year.
With the candles light,
I've learned to count
The joys you've brought
And the lessons you have taught.
So, Mr. Birthday,
I am thankful for every day!

I love my birthday... always have and always will! It's a reminder of the past year and all the many years I've been blessed! It's a reminder to celebrate me... because honestly how often do we celebrate ourselves?

There are many ways to acknowledge a birthday... and every year I celebrate mine all month long... not only because I love my birthday, but also because I love to reflect back on the past year... remember the ups and downs... remember the joyful moment I've shared with family and friends... and be grateful for another year of life... thankful for the blessings I have received... but mostly to feel the blessing of being a child of God... and so very much loved by the One who created everything, including little birthday girl me.

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