Monday, April 24, 2017

{HAPPY MONDAY}... Cassette Invitations...

Guardian's of the Galaxy 2... will be out in a couple of weeks... and I just the love music & the cassette tapes he takes everywhere. And it got me thinking about a cassette invitation. 

So... this week I created a Cassette Invitation... but I didn't create just ONE... I've created SIX fun, colorful invitations! Now, because I couldn't decide which one color to share, you will be able to download all SIX colored Cassette Invitations for this weeks {HAPPY MONDAY} free* printable design... with editable text.

I've also made the invitations so you can either cut around the cassette shape... OR... simply cut out the 5"x7" shape... you choose... 

And as always... to personalize the text, open the downloaded PDF using the free Adobe Reader... then, with Adobe Reader open, go to FILE > then to OPEN > and find the downloaded PDF; and begin personalizing the text... just highlight the text you want to change, save & print.

*Are you NEW to [HAPPY MONDAY}...? well, here's the lowdown... for the next week you can download this printable design for FREE... yes, free... until it expires the following Monday with a brand-new printable party design...

Color your Monday Happy... and enjoy!

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This {HAPPY MONDAY} free* Printable has expired, but can be purchased here. To see the current free* printable available, check it out here

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