Saturday, September 27, 2014

Polaroid Camera... Calendar... and so much more...

I've wanted to create a polaroid camera box for about a year now... my first attempts were a big clunky mess... nothing like what I'd envisioned. So over the last year, I pressed on with multiple attempts... and finally (much to my delight) created this little cutie. It has just the right amount of whimsy and original features to make it a real retro delight.

This adorable Polaroid Camera is quite the muli-tasker... it's able to be used as a desk calendar, a photo memory box, a gift card holder or a box for small treat. whew... who knew it could be a delight in so many ways!!

Just think of the instant smiles you'll receive when you give this blast from the past. Go to our etsy shop for more photos and to purchase yours today.

I'd love to know your ideas and how you used it... so go over to our facebook page... and share them with us!

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