Monday, October 3, 2022


Today's {HAPPY MONDAY} free* printable design is... BLUE THANKSGIVING INVITE.  You're able to download this designs for ONE WEEK FREE*...

Sooo, Because I want you to have the best {HAPPY MONDAY} experience possible with the free* printables... I've made a change in how they will now be edited and downloaded... 

They will now be available using the FREE CANVA. 

By using CANVA you will now be able to use either a computer or a smartphone to edit the text in CANVA. Plus you'll be able to so much more... like move text blocks, change fonts, change font colors, add text blocks even add photos, plus so much more!!! And you won't be limited to Adobe Readers set text blocks. 

I know it's a big change... but change is good! 

I hope you enjoy today's first CANVA {HAPPY MONDAY} free* printable.


Are you new to {HAPPY MONDAY}... ??? Well, here's the lowdown... *For one week you may download the scheduled printable. Once the design expires, it will be available in our shop to purchase

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