Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Have suitcase... make something new...

While rearranging things around the house last weekend, I started moving around my vintage suitcase... and it got me thinking... seriously, what other uses are there besides my nightstand and a side table? So like any idea hunter would do... I went to Pinterest... and lo and behold I found a plethora of ideas. I found so many I couldn't decide which one I wanted to do first.

The idea of stacking them all the way to the ceiling was inspiring... love the idea of changing out the drawers in a dresser... and I know my hubby would love this suitcase roller bar... and how did I never think of using legs for this side table... and this super cool vanity cabinet, cute right?... the list goes on and on and on and on... as I fell in love over and over again with suitcases
and all their endless possibilities... ahhhh... suitcases.

But there is one I wanted to ask you about... although I love it... I wasn't quite sure I could bring myself to do... it's this one... wall shelves. It's a great look... and oh how I'd love to have a wall of suitcases. But honestly, the thought of destroying my vintage suitcases... honestly made me gasp.  OUCH, right? How could I possibly cut them up... make them into something beautiful, yes... but cut them up??? So do you think I'm crazy? Too attached to my suitcases? Should do some of the other ideas.... then work my way into the wall shelves??

Well that's it.... my bewildering thoughts about my suitcases...

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