Friday, January 29, 2016

$5 friendz friday...

Hello Friday Friendz! Today we have FOUR DEALS... & EACH ARE $5.00 FOR TODAY ONLY!

The first is the Super Bowl Photo Booth Prop Kit... a fun addition for any Football or Super Bowl Parties... and today... it's ONLY $5.00!!!

Next is the Panther Photo Booth Prop Kit... AND... Broncos Photo Booth Prop Kit these are another fun addition to your Super Bowl party if you only want to cheer on one team... and today they're ONLY $5.00 for each set!

And last deal is the new Football Referee Water Bottle Labels... Include these water bottle labels for your Super Bowl party for added decor at your party... and for today ONLY get them for $5.00!

Each of these deals are easy to buy... There's no need for a coupon... the price for each deals has been adjusted for you, so your checkout will be easy-peasy! These $5 Friendz Friday deal starts TODAY, January 15, 2016 at 6am PST... and runs for just 24 hours!!!

Click the links below to get your deal... it's just that easy!
Super Bowl Photo Booth Prop Kit
Panther Photo Booth Prop Kit
Broncos Photo Booth Prop Kit
Football Referee Water Bottle Labels

... and for those of you who want to know more about $5 Friendz Friday... click here to see how it works!

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