Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Valentine Treat Bag... freebie...

Valentine's day is a little less than a month away... and thought I'd do an easy versatile printable which can be easily be printed on pattern or colored paper... This cute EDITABLE Valentine Treat Bag. It's perfect for a quick teacher valentine... friend... co-workers... or as a playful treat bag for a Valentine’s Day Party.

You can get creative... with the paper, what you put inside and how to seal the bag... washi tape, ribbon, or valentine stickers are super easy ideas for closures.

And if there wasn't enough cuteness... the best part is... the text is EDITABLE! Customize the text right on the bag... use 1, 2, 3 or all 4 text lines to say something different for each person you give this little bag to... And these sweet little bags are not just for Valentine's day... just change the paper & text to fit any heart felt occasion... Mother's Day... Father's Day... baby showers.. birthdays... etc!

I’d love to know about all the creative ways you find to use it...

Materials Needed: printable treat bag template; printer; 8.5"x11" paper; ruler; score tool/bone folder; scissors, x-acto craft knife; decorative scissors 
(optional), washi tape/ribbon/stickers.

Step 1: Edit text & print template on 8.5"×11" colored or pattern paper.
Step 2: Score fold lines.Step 3: Cut out bag template.Step 4: Fold scored lines.
Step 5: Place adhesive on all tabs.
Step 6: Flatten bag with 'hill & valley' side folds.
Step 7: Fold in side tab & fold up the bottom tab.
Step 8: Fold in back panel & adhere to tabs.
Step 9: Using decorative scissors cut along top edge (optional).
Step 10: Place goodies inside & seal bag closed.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

p.s. if you like this valentine one... watch out for another one for any use... coming soon!

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