Thursday, January 14, 2016

Little heart & love note bookmark...

My daughter loves to read... so bookmarks are all over our house... but the ones she likes time and time again... are these sweet origami heart bookmarks... and the little notes I put inside!... 

So to day I thought I'd share how to make this simple bookmark for you bookworms... It's so easy... any square piece of paper will do, but like using post-it notes because they're all ready to go and are the perfect size...

Here's how to them...
  1. Use a square piece of paper. (or post-it note)
  2. Fold in half. Crease.
  3. Half again. Crease.
  4. Open up.
  5. Fold bottom portion to the middle crease line.
    (I fold up the sticky part)
  6. Turn over. Fold up triangular edges.
  7. Turn over.
  8. Bring point to the top.
  9. Turn over.
  10. Use finger to make an opening.
  11. Flatten to form triangle.
  12. Repeat step 12 on the left side.
  13. Fold a triangle from the edge for both sides.
  14. Fold a TINY triangle from each peak.
  15. Turn over. Fold the areas behind the dotted lines, and I like to tape these two pieces together on the back side.

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